About us

Antje Hübner

Founder/Principal, hubtone PR

Prior to founding hubtone PR, Antje served as Public Relations Manager for Ableton, a globally renowned music software manufacturer. She devised and executed worldwide publicity campaigns, organized events and was responsible for all media planning and ad bookings.

In the years before Ableton Antje worked with Matthew Laifer Artists Management in New York City, where she nurtured emerging talents and worked with major arts organizations all over the world.

In Germany, Antje was an artist herself appearing in operas, theatrical productions and television. She then joined Opera Agency Tennigkeit in Düsseldorf. Antje has studied musicology and the performing arts in Hamburg, Germany.


hubtone PR is an independent public relations company with a strong focus on music. The company works with both organizations and individuals.

hubtone PR connects a European approach with an understanding and appreciation of the American mindset and culture. The company is located in New York City with a branch in Hamburg. It was founded in 2009 by Antje Hübner, who holds both German and American citizenships.

The company’s goal is to provide quality PR services worldwide for long- and short-term projects.

Effective PR is essential to success. Establishing positive awareness, recognition and credibility ultimately helps organizations, venues, and artists in support of growth and development.

Barbara Kloth

Associate, Europe

Hubtone Associate Barbara Kloth is a graphic designer specializing in branding and product identification. She operates out of Hamburg, Germany, where she produces an array of consumer and corporate materials - catalogues, books, CDs, magazines and promotional items.

Her clients include art galleries, artists, publishers and performance venues. She is an artist and photographer herself, possessing a keen eye for imaginative captures. All her work is endowed with a distinguished stamp of excellence.

She serves hubtone PR as a European Associate, providing for clients abroad.