PR for Organizations

Let us set the tone for you.

hubtone PR works closely with organizations to determine objectives, key messages, and target audiences. The goal is to develop and implement tailor-made PR strategies.

PR for Individuals

You are fabulous. We will pass it on.

hubtone PR understands that every artist has a story to tell. Our part in a mutually productive relationship is to provide personalized attention and support, to aid in developing a long-lasting career.

hubtone PR will help to build and strengthen awareness and a positive relationship with media and your target audience.

Services for Clients

Media Relations

Media include print, web and key radio stations.

Conduct international, national, regional and local media campaigns to establish and strengthen positive awareness of the client and the story.

Marketing Strategies

Identify goals and transformative ideas for success.

Media Planning

Conduct research, price inquiries and bookings in TV, radio, print, and online.

Graphic Design, Promotional Material

hubtone’s team includes Barbara Kloth (associate), a professional graphic designer specializing in branding and product identification. She produces an array of consumer and corporate materials, such as logos, CDs, website designs, catalogues and promotional items.

Event Planning, Organization and Execution

Manage artist booking, venue research and booking, event logistics, budget estimation and price inquiries.

Social Media

Set up and maintain dedicated accounts on social media websites. We’ll get the word out for you about your organization, project or event.


Execute German/English translations of your media coverage for your website or press kit.

And more…

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries you might have and we will be happy to see how we can help you most effectively.

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